I invite you to explore the blog and yourself as we navigate midlife together!

If you’re between 40-ish and 60-ish, you have probably noticed that your life is changing. Of course it’s always been changing but you really notice it now. It doesn’t seem like ‘smooth sailing’ anymore. Things are coming up that you have to resolve and deal with.

These are some subjects that I have an interest in exploring with you:

-navigating menopause, trying to conceive “before the pipes freeze” or making sure you don’t, make-up and fashion changes, finding a place to go dancing where you don’t feel like someone’s mom or worse… their grandmother.

-prostate, erectile disfunction, connecting with your kids, rekindling your marriage, finding a place to go dancing where you don’t feel like a ‘dirty old man’, making time for you and the guys, finding the masculine in your manhood again.

For both sexes
-changing careers, dealing with teens and aging parents, health and fitness, travel, your ‘bucket list’, divorce, dating again, finding love, STD’s, sex and sexuality, or just wanting to get to know yourself better and try new things.

This is the place for you to discover who you are for this next part of your life. This is a community that “gets you” and can offer direction and support in a positive and humorous way.

It’s time to discover yourself again.



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