Male Birth Control Available Today?


Most women and probably some men have wondered when we would see a supplement that could stop the production of sperm with no side effects. Even better if it was easily reversible. Well, mother nature has come through! Ages ago. In India and South East Asia, people have used the papaya and its seeds as a form of birth control. Studies have been done and positive results have been noted on mice and monkeys. Here is the article that I found when I searched on ‘fresh ground papaya seeds burn face’.

Yes, my search was a result of having a papaya at home that was ripe and deciding that I wanted to make a face-mask out of the seeds after cutting it up to freeze for smoothies… because I was sure there was good stuff in them. So I put them in a blender, added a little water and ground them up. Then I smeared the paste on my face, feeling the little bits of seed, I thought ‘Oh this will be good to exfoliate with!’

Then the burning started…. holy crap…. within half a minute. We are talking BURNING my face off here! I’m thinking ‘gotta get this rinsed off right now before it leaves a mark!’, ‘will it leave my face looking like I got a sunburn?’ I’m splashing water like crazy… ‘Will I have a blotchy face for work tomorrow?’ (Yeah, I have to work on Saturday..) ‘Do I need to go to a clinic tonight??’  I got on the computer and searched for any warnings for ‘papaya gone wrong’ instances. All I found was a lot of good stuff. After rinsing it was still burning a little, but it was bearable. Then, it subsided completely after 30 minutes. Well, that was an experience! (Reminds me of the time I took 500mg of Niacin instead of 50mg except my whole body was on fire… note to self: Follow what your doctor prescribes.)

Yes, the seeds have good stuff in them. If you eat them they taste like wasabi or pepper and it feels like it too, if you smear it on your face. I might just stick to putting a teaspoon in my smoothie instead of on my face.



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