Use Frozen Strawberries as Ice Cubes and other tips

When living on your own, trying to eat things before they go bad can be a challenge. The freezer can be your best friend for some things. I prefer to eat fresh but these tips work well for these common items.

The 1lb ‘clam shell’ packed strawberries tend to be too many for me to eat before I get tired of eating them and they start getting furry. I clean and freeze them whole to use as ice cubes in summer drinks, smoothies or make them into a sauce to use over a cheese cake or ice cream.

You can find lemons – 5/$1 and limes – 10/$1 when in season. It’s the perfect time to freeze the juice in ice cube trays to be used later in pasta salad for a little ‘tang’, lemonade and anything else you would need these versatile citrus fruits for. Store them in freezer bags or containers.

Another thing I tend not to finish quickly are the 2 litre cartons of berry juices. I get bored eating and drinking the same thing for a week, so when I start to feel like I’ve had enough of the juice for awhile, I will freeze it in the ice cube trays, as well. Then I will use a couple of cubes in a summer drink with Perrier to give it just a touch of flavour. Alcohol is optional.

Do you have any tips to share? Leave a comment with your ideas!



2 thoughts on “Use Frozen Strawberries as Ice Cubes and other tips

  1. I somehow always tend to have leftover coffee when making it in my French press. I started pouring it into ice cube trays to freeze for iced coffee, or for if my hot coffee is still too hot to drink!

    • Thanks for adding your extra coffee tip! You could also throw some coffee ice cubes in the blender with milk for a homemade ‘ice cap’ of sorts.

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