Pictures of East York Canada Day Parade

IMG_8974 IMG_8985 IMG_8982 IMG_8981 IMG_8977     IMG_9007 IMG_9006 IMG_8986

The parade went on after the rain. The sight of so many wearing red and white was heart warming. The kids were adorable carrying their little paper flags. Rob Ford was reported by The Toronto Star to be at the parade, he didn’t do the whole route. Neither did John Tory.

IMG_9015  IMG_8985

Olivia Chow, on the other hand, rode the whole route on her decorated bike. There is something to be said for that and I appreciate it. At the same time I would enjoy the parade more if it was less dominated by politicians. (Read: add more local clubs, music bands, kids on decorated bikes, citizens and neighbourhood floats). None the less, it was a good and fun parade. The parade is one that most of Toronto likely doesn’t know about, but is a 57 year tradition in East York! Come out next year and consider putting ‘be in a parade’ on your bucket list!

Happy Canada Day!

Image  IMG_9032IMG_9010  IMG_9039




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