Take your wife on vacation!

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Turn heads like you’re topless!


(Credit: The Ta Ta Top’s Instagram page)

Except you’re not. As much as the ‘tata’ bikini top is somewhat of a novelty, it is a fun idea. Think of March Break and your daughters sporting one of these instead of her real ‘tata’s. Or ‘middle aged mama’s’ wearing it at the beach and the ‘girls’ not drooping to their waist. A little support can be good. I would encourage use on a closed course, though, like a beach. We don’t want to cause any vehicle collisions….




Cat enjoys sitting on her toweled head. (My token cat video)

This isn’t my cat but I wish it was. This cat is really chill and has personality! I didn’t want to be a cat owner again. There are just too many demands on my time. She was a feral cat from a farm area. She had kittens and my mom asked me to help find them homes. So I brought her to my place for a month before the kittens were old enough to be adopted. I wanted to have her spayed afterwards so when I sent her back to where she came from at least she would not have anymore kittens. Well, as vicious as she was, she is still here. She has bitten and scratched me lots of times, badly. I even contemplated putting her down… but couldn’t bring myself to do it. She has become more friendly and less afraid of things. Her surgery is in two days. I’ve realized that she does make me laugh and is a companion when it’s not ‘my week with the kids’. Looks like I’m a cat owner… again.

This is my cat. 'Kit Kat'.

This is my cat. ‘Kit Kat’.